Camping and Writing Intentions

In my post last week, I spoke of my intention to camp and work on the final edits on my work in progress. I’m delighted to report that, while I did not reach the finished goal I had set, I actually did work on the manuscript, and worked well. I edited what I intended, as well as saw and edited some pages that I had not before seen that needed it. I enjoyed being absorbed in the process. I learned this trip that when I go camping alone, I will write. And I am reminded once again of the power of setting an intention. I set myself up to write, and so I did.

Now, there is the idea, put forth by John Steinbeck, among others, that intention is not enough. As they say, the road to hell is paved… But perhaps a key is to state your intention to others. That certainly must be a first step in the right direction. I have joined a group of writers who share their editing goals and progress each day, and pray for one another. I find this public sharing helping me greatly.

I camped at a wonderful Corps of Engineer park, Prairie Creek Campground. Delightfully peaceful, spacious, and very easy to back into. This park is south east of Selma, Alabama, so while there Faith and I went into Selma to visit the historic Live Oak Cemetery and pay our respects (yes, I take Faith with me everywhere). Since internet service was poor at the campground, I took my computer, and right there in the cemetery from the 1800s, in the generous shade of an old live oak dripping with moss, I was able to upload files to the Cloud, via my phone hotspot. It felt eerie, like being inside a Ray Bradbury novel.

Camping and writing and visiting a fascinating cemetery–all my favorite things!

Blessings from me and Faith.

2 thoughts on “Camping and Writing Intentions

  1. It’s interesting you had that talk with yourself about book genres and where you felt you fit in. I had also noticed that I usually found your books in the romance genre although I considered them Literature/Fiction. As long as I could find them, though, I was happy!
    Btw—have you read « Confessions of a Muddle-aged (I love Spell Check’s sense of humor here, should say MIDDLE-AGED!) Runaway « by Eliason? Someone else taking an RV and hitting the road with her dog. I was going to send it to you but realized I have no idea of where to send it! Check and see if you are even interested in it though.
    Happy June to you! Louise


    • Thank you, Louise, for the book recommendation! Sounds like something I will enjoy–will find it! When I was growing up, I had no idea of genres. I simply read what I liked. I think the concept of genres came along in the 1980s, pushed by marketing people as a way to give an idea of the book. blessings, CurtissAnn


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