Created to Be a Writer

At the beginning of the year, I began a study of the book of Ephesians. A verse has caught and held my attention for some weeks:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10 ESV

Love of reading and writing was built into my being. I didn’t just pop up one day and choose it. God put into me all the traits I needed as a writer. Impractical I was called. A dreamer and time-waster. And the biggest scold, “You are just too emotional!” I see it now–what perfect traits for a novelist!

When I look back, I remember a compulsion for reading and words and books from early girlhood. I wrote and dreamed up stories. I acted them out. I was always, and I mean always, reading a novel. When not reading, I gazed into nothingness and dreamed up stories. I was created to write, and in my unique way.

How much easier my writing path would have been all those years ago when I started, if I had known the truth that I am formed by God in my unique way and for a good reason. I don’t mean I would have attained more success, but I likely would have believed more in my writing ideas, would not have had to hack my way through the jungles of self-doubt and uncertainty. I would have persevered at the times I threw in the towel. I would have known that my desire to write was enough to have me do it, and not some sort of foolishness that needed to be stamped out in the name of what others consider common sense and responsibility.

Thankfully the years have taught me, and I do allow myself to write today. Often I remind myself to let the dishes sit in the sink and the phone go unanswered and the television remain off, in order to put writing first. I choose to honor the writer inside me.

And I want to share this truth with any of you out there, who might have a niggling of desire to write. I want to encourage you to give it a go. Or if you want to paint, or design cakes, or grow a garden, or create a beautiful RV. God puts the desire, the inclination and abilities within us so we will follow them and create good things. There’s a plan bigger than our plan. And I’m not talking about achieving big success of fame and money. That’s great, if it happens, but what I’m talking about is the process of following one’s creative dreams. There is enormous value and joy in finding and doing what we are designed to do and how we are designed to do it.

The process of writing a book is infinitely more important than the book that is completed as a result of the writing, let alone the success or failure that book may have after it is written . . . the book is merely a symbol of the writing. In writing the book, I am living. I am growing. I am tapping myself. I am changing. The process is the product. ~Theodore Isaac Rubin

I’ve been reading my Writer’s Life Quotes page for inspiration. You can find it here.

Grace and peace,

18 thoughts on “Created to Be a Writer

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I needed it. I have written all my life. Words just pour out of me when I am typing or have a pen in hand. I’m 71 now, but even in my teens and 20’s, letters to friends were several pages long. The recipients jokingly called them books.

    I’ve lost count of how many times I was told, “You have such a way with words.”, or, “You ought to write a book.”. I concluded after years of journaling in the past, that I had written a book. It just wasn’t published.

    I cried out often to God over the years to be able to feel what it is I “have” to do. Because as much as I loved writing, it never felt like a driven passion. I would think of professions people felt called to follow, like doctor, lawyer, policeman etc. – and that they could not “not” be that. I never felt that inner compulsion. So I never considered writing a calling. It was just something I did…

    But mostly – I lived with such low self esteem all my life. I often did not feel I had permission to even exist. The controlling thought inside was “Who are you, to think you have any right to ___?”. And I at times still feel that way.

    But your words put things in a different perspective, and I will ponder it, and ask God about it. Maybe the time is now. Maybe the season is now. Maybe in the past it just wasn’t time. So again, thank you for this blog post.

    I’m thinking it’s time to go to Valentine again… I get so much inspiration from those stories. I think I’ve read the first four books at least 5 times, or more. I’ve lost count! Thank you for answering your call to be a writer. 💗

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    • Dear Laurie,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your heart. You most definitely are a writer. And I relate to everything you say. I had that same thought inside my head for years: “Who do you think you are to think you can write…” Only now in my 70s have I grown to laugh at that voice. I think mine came from my Southern-lady upbringing that taught: “Don’t you think too much of yourself, missy.” My mother got that from her mother–but my grandmother never had that thought a day in her life! Ha, ha!

      We must not think that publishing and fame are what make us a writer. There are so many places to write, and to share our ideas, wisdom, questions, hearts. Just now your writing ability enabled you to give me a gift. Thank you. And believe me, many others you will never see will read your words and be inspired.

      God bless your writing path,


  2. Thank you for this. I needed to hear it today. It echoes the ways God has been nudging me lately. Thank you for writing His truth from your heart. ❤️


  3. I so needed to hear this today, dear Curtiss Ann! Thank you for speaking the truth of God’s purpose for our lives from your heart. ❤️ It echoes the ways I believe God has been nudging me over the last few months. 🙏


  4. God bless you my sweet friend. I am in the process of re-reading your books. So uplifting and filled with such good common sense and life lessons. Your faith shines!!

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  5. Your post really spoke to me today. Especially this:
    ” … would not have had to hack my way through the jungles of self-doubt and uncertainty. I would have known that my desire to write was enough to have me do it … .” Thank you. Many blessings!

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  6. You are so right. You were definitely created to be a writer❤️. I was created to be a musician. While my siblings were watching TV, etc., I was practicing the piano. It was inside of me, part of who I was. The Lord used this desire to keep me close to Him. It has served me well all of my life.

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