Christmas Tree Memories at Window Over the Sink

Dear friends, today I have a post over at Window Over the Sink, author Liz Flaherty’s delightful blog. I write about my memories of Christmas tree tinsel. Do you remember what tinsel used to be like? Liz is having guest writers every day of the holidays. You might want to check it out.

The season is started. Enjoy every bit!



6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Memories at Window Over the Sink

  1. Oh CurtissAnn, what memories the picture of tree brought back to me. Mama always had lots of tinsel on our tree then when we were old enough to decorate we had to put tinsel on😁 I’m still at Alex’s., I’ve had a great visit with Emma and Maggie too. The girls and I were together in morning then had lunch. They are so attentive and helpful to me. I am so blessed👍🥰💕

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  2. I really enjoyed this Curtissann….I remember in the 50’s each Christmas season standing in front of the tree and trying to hang each individual strand of tinsel . It took a while but was worth the effort I’m not sure tinsel can even be found now. I remember too going to buy this stuff at Woolworth’s along with all the other things like tissue paper, boxes of wire hooks for the ornaments etc…Those were the days..

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    • Jim–that’s how my husband would do it–one strand of tinsel at a time. His parents didn’t use tinsel at all. They had grown up far more poor than my mother. 🙂


  3. What a great job of tinseling was done in that picture! My sister would have loved it. She was the tinsel queen of the six children and she made us put each single tinsel one by one on the tree. It took hours but looked great. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone.

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