Looking for Beta Readers

Are you a beta reader for an author? Have you read two or more of my books? Do you like my books? Do you enjoy women’s fiction? I’m looking for five beta readers for my latest novel, currently titled According to Carley Love.

The term ‘Beta Reader’ makes me smile. It came about from the computer-jargon of program developers. In my first years of writing, we called them ‘friends’, or maybe it was a mother, a sister, a cousin. Or simply ‘readers’. For my first books, I would write a few chapters and carry them across the street to my dear neighbor, who read them and would report back, “It’s boring,” or, “It’s pretty good.” She was an intelligent woman and voracious reader of the type of novels I also read and wrote, so she knew her stuff. And, most importantly, she loved me. I trusted her implicitly.

The wonderful mystery writer Tony Hillerman once said to never get another writer to read your stuff and give feedback, because another writer would tell you how he/she would write it. Hillerman relied on his wife to read his work. If she said, “Um, it’s okay,” he knew he had a lot more work to do on it. If she said, “This is really good,” he knew he had hit it!

As I said at the top of this post, I am only seeking five beta readers. I need people who enjoy my novels and are readers of women’s fiction in general, and what I call Southern domestic fiction in particular. I want feedback for places where the story drags or confuses, as well as places where I hit right on. I also want to know if characters are clear, and if you can relate to them.

If you would be willing to be a beta reader for my novel, and be the first to read it, please leave a comment below. This will give me your email and I can reply privately.

Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Looking for Beta Readers

  1. I just saw this post, so I am probably too late, but you know how much I love your work and you! Would love to be one of the first to read your new book.


  2. I have been a big reader of your books for years and love your writing. I would love to serve as a beta reader.
    ps-/I gave copies of the “Valentine” books to all of my friends to help them through the isolation of Covid. They all loved them.
    Pps-/I am also a southerner, bless my heart.


  3. Looking for Beta Readers! That sounds like something I would love to be and do. Your book, Driving Lessons, is a favorite of mine.
    I have read most if not all of your books. I remember looking up Valentine, Oklahoma and trying to find that town. I wanted to move there. Even if I don’t hear from you, this has been a nice trip down memory lane remembering your books and the memorable characters. It’s time to reread Driving Lessons. Take care



  4. Oh yes please I would love love to be one of your beta readers!!! I absolutely love all of your books! I’ve found all of them through either Amazon or at used bookstores so that I have the whole collection of all your books! And I reread them over and over especially the books about Valentine. Those ones I just read them in order repeatedly because they make me feel like I’m right there with them with Marilee and her family and the town of Valentine! And it’s a beautiful place to be and a wonderful place to have friends ….Needless to say I’ve rambled but again I would love to be one of your five beta readers! You are absolutely one of my most favorite authors! I pray God will give you wisdom as you select from many people who want to be your beta readers because we all love you!


  5. I would also love to be one of your readers. I have read and reread nearly all your books. It was your writing that caused me to fall in love with stories about Southern women. They are definitely more interesting than my Northern family and friends!


    • Thank you for the chuckle, Ginny. We all know there are no uninteresting people. And every one of us is a bit of a ‘cracked’ pot. 🙂 I am reminded of the statement I’ve heard: “Here in the South, we don’t hide crazy. We dress it up and put it on the front porch.”


  6. First, I read “Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel.” Upon finishing, I went to front of the book and read it again.

    The book, along with your other writings, touched my heart and made me laugh.


  7. I have always found your books to be filled with relatable characters. I love your writing style and am so excited that you have another book coming out. I would enjoy being a Beta reader and would give honest feedback.


  8. I could do it. just read recipes for easy living this past weekend,3rd time at least. loved it even though I haven’t been 12 going on 13 for a long time. I especially found the afterward with your sharing your celiac story as my daughter and grandson were both recently diagnosed. loved women’s fiction, love character driven stories and feel like all your characters are real people. miss them and would love to read more of your stories


  9. Hello,

    Might you consider revisiting Elizabeth City sometime in the future to
    do a book signing?

    I am sure you would be well received.

    Don Cherry


  10. Don Cherry…..my wife Debbie could do you a professional job with this task.
    Give her a try…..
    Don Cherry Elizabeth City


  11. Hi,

    My wife Debbie is a retired Librarian…actually even now she works
    part-time at the College of The Albemarle Media Center.

    She is a crazy reader, and reads everything writers such as Nick Sparks

    I can assure you, she would read your work, and in a timely manner.  I
    am forwarding this email to her.

    Her mother, Selma read romance novels without any pause.  Up at 4 in the
    morning before work to read….she was an icon at the Pasquotank County

    Love hearing from you, and I would give Debbie a chance.  She knows her


    Don Cherry  Central ’69  UNC 1973  COA  always.


  12. ME PLEASE!! I think you know how much I love your books and also that I enjoy reviewing books. I would love to be included in your advising group!!

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