Wisdom, Chuckles, Hope from the WordPress Reader

I just now realized that I’ve created a new helpful habit–I open the WordPress Reader every few days and read from blogs that I follow. There’s a superlative wealth of variety and knowledge. This morning, I was inspired to select a life verse from the Bible (how does one, someone like me who has a very hard time making up her mind, choose just one?), given a smile by the thought of the powers of tea and coffee, heartened by numerous, well written, original and passionate political analysis, given glimpses of life far different from mine, but much the same emotionally. The abundance of prolific good writing and wise thought gives evidence that humankind is alive and well. I stick my tongue out at nay-sayers and doomsday folk.

If you aren’t reading the WordPress Reader, give it a try. Here are just a few of the blogs I follow:

Susan Loves Books is a book review and life encouragement blog. She posts every day to say “Good Morning,” offers good cheer and encouragement and word of good reads. I got the image to the right from her today. I needed a reminder, as I found myself struggling with a number of problems today. Who doesn’t?

Sisterhood of Widows reminded me that my life matters and to do pay attention to it. To enjoy something special today. I had already decided to enjoy the day, and this was encouragement to do so. Sometimes when you live alone, you need outside cheering. I find understanding on this blog, as only other widows can provide.

Mama Lava’s Back Porch–a dose of maternal love. This Christian woman is real and down to earth about everyday living. Insightful and knowledgeable of the Bible, she gives smiles and hugs and sometimes tough love.

I’m generally fascinated by Interesting Literature, that someone could know so much. Every day some bit of classic literature is examined. I’ve learned a lot, most notably that I know more of literature than I realized. The latest on the blog is ‘The Meaning and Origins of ‘To Thine Own Self Be True.’ It was deep for me, but Interesting Literature does make it all interesting.

Author Steven Pressfield’s blog. If you are a writer, give yourself the gift of reading Pressfield’s blog. You may have read his The War of Art. Typing the title, I had to jump up and get the book off my shelf. Double gift–my Serenity Prayer bookmark was tucked inside. Pressfield’s latest blog entry concerns his current read, which he describes as dense, a book about Field Marshall Viscount William Slim. He makes me want to read it.

There’s a bit of everything under the sun on According to Hoyt. She’s a writer of several genres, observer of life, and insightful, experienced political commentator (my kind, conservative), and simply a hoot of a writer. She offers other writers opportunities to promote their books (probably my books would not find an audience here) and she appears to promote others’ books, as well. There is delightful artwork on her site, too.

There are many, many more blogs that I enjoy reading, but time constraints requires that I save sharing for future posts. Maybe I will have to do a blogroll again. But for today I’ve looked at the world of reading and writing, been encouraged, celebrated a bit that I can read, and given thought to my book in progress. You know the old saying that any day one hasn’t laughed in a wasted day? I would say that any day one hasn’t laughed, read, or written is truly a starved day indeed.

If you have blogs you love and recommend, please leave the names in the comments.

God bless us all.

3 thoughts on “Wisdom, Chuckles, Hope from the WordPress Reader

    • No. They were edited by the publisher for the first editions. The ones I got back and did some editing/rewriting on, I had a reader for errors. I have not done any original independently published books. There are free lance editors. I can ask for recommendations for you, JoAn.


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