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I have not been doing much reading, what with the moving and repeated furniture rearranging and shelf-building, and also taking it easy on the porch, but I have read several non-fiction books that have contributed to my well-being. I just picked up one–Jennifer’s Way–and opened it at random, and wouldn’t you know there was something on the page that spoke to me about my life today. I marked the passage and attached a yellow Post-it flag. This is a keeper.

Jennifer’s Way–my journey with celiac disease, by Jennifer Esposito, actress, business woman. From the first page where she tells of repeated sinus infections, I was captured. She writes clearly, honestly, and I relate totally. Much of Ms. Esposito’s story is mine, as it is for thousands of other people with autoimmune disease attempting to get help from the modern medical system. She shares tips that helped me, one being to evaluate my supplements and foods. I was even prompted to visit my doctor with new found determination and informed questions. The further subtitle of this book reads: “what doctors don’t tell you and how you can learn to live again.” That correctly describes the book. She shares knowledge and wisdom of life. If you have celiac, get the book. If you love someone who has celiac, get the book.

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg is another book I found helpful for understanding myself–such as why when I get stuck at a hard place in writing, I get up and get a cookie. Duhigg is a business reporter, so the book is slanted toward logical, scientific-thinking business types and goes into detail with scientific support for how humans have and use habits. I skipped a lot of this. I already knew I had habits and did not need convincing of their power. I zeroed-in on what I found pertained to me–a quiet woman of a certain age living in suburbia wanting to be better at prioritizing tasks and not drift off to this and that. I find the best part of the book is the ‘Reader’s Guide to Using These Ideas,‘ all the way back in the Appendix. Let me admit that because of this book, I began using Frebreeze to combat smells from my dear dog, yet I understand fully that Febreeze, and every product on the planet (not to mention books and careers) are made by clever advertising gimmicks. That’s a side-effect of the book–it shows how all of us are manipulated by advertising.

The Power of Habit is a thick book, so if you want to cut to the chase, I found a Summary. The Kindle summary version is only $ .99. You can’t go wrong with that!

Dear Readers, I would enjoy hearing about books that you have found especially helpful in living your days on this earth. That’s what we are here for–to help each other.

“Oh, God, give me grace for this day. Not for a lifetime, nor for next week, nor for tomorrow, just for this day. Direct my thoughts and bless them. Direct my work and bless it. Direct the things I say and give them blessing, too. Direct and bless everything that I think and speak and do. So that for this one day, just for this one day, I have the gift of grace that comes from your Presence.”
~ Marjorie Holmes


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  1. I read non-fiction very slowly. My brain can’t seem to process information quickly. One author I like is Ken Robinson, Ph.D. He writes about creativity among other things. I’ve had his The Element, How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything, for several years. Some great concepts there. I enjoyed the prayer at the end of this piece, especially. Thank you for sharing.

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