Morning Bike Ride

I got myself organized first thing out of bed for a morning bike ride. Such is my life and my inclinations, the endeavor to ride required setting my mind the night before. It’s a wonder I got through the kitchen, or past the dog who gave me the accusing eye when I told her she had to stay home.

Then I was off! Imagine me–face into the cool breeze, the earthly beauty of the woods and fields on either side, the blacktop speeding beneath me. All around was a fresh summer morning abundant with sweet scents of mowed grass, pine trees, and the sun warming the soil of the fields beyond the trees. Quiet. No vehicle passed, and even the yard with the dogs that normally bark was silent. Suddenly a deer fly buzzed me, and I almost crashed as I batted at it, but saved myself and, laughing aloud, went into high gear to outdistance the creature. Sailing along with the thrill that I was actually riding, at my age, my body moving easily, and I was happy!

The question came: Why do I put off riding my bike when doing so is obviously good for me and my soul?

Life, of course. Life has necessities. Life has duty.

There are so many things yelling constantly for my attention. My needs, needs of others, and bills and taxes and growing grass and weeds and housekeeping and car repairs. Even my bike could use maintenance. The course of messy kitchen and good intentions that I had to navigate to get here to write this is a sort of gauntlet. I never should have stopped to make a cup of tea and toast, or answer the phone. I almost did not make it up the stairs to my keyboard.

Then, more quietly, the thought comes: Let me change what I can.

Let me consider what it is that gives me joy, and do more of that. Joy is of equal duty, because it is the joy that gives strength, that fills me and enables me to have something to give out to the world.

There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson




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  1. For some odd reason, this recent post was in my “Clutter” and I had not had the chance to read it until this morning! But oh – what wonderful timing! Sitting at my desk this morning – the office is stuffy, my to-do list getting longer, phone ringing…..then I see this! Instantly I am (vicariously) riding beside you on my imaginary bike…vintage ladies cruiser, soft turquoise in color – the little basket in front holding a bunch of sunflowers from a roadside market. I can feel the cool wind, smell the pines and hear the birds….Ahh! – “Let’s close our eyes…and go there in our minds”…. Thank you for that lovely post! Blessings!

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    • Such a great idea! And your comment helped me to see that I’ll be able to do the same in my new house. My bedroom doors open out onto the back porch. I can just leave and not see anything else in the house. What a hoot!


  2. You write so beautifully and I absolutely love and enjoy every book you’ve written! I reread them over and over! The Valentine series is so amazing! I wish I could live there! Thank you for the joy!
    May God bless you!

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  3. Such a good read for today. Perfectly said. I’m going to choose some reading on the patio with the breeze and the wind chimes…

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  4. My aim-Choose Joy each day as I arise. It is so much easier at 90 than is was at 60! Too many things I thought I HAD to do!. You hear of all the hurdles you have to jump in your waning years—-I am through with all the chaos and just smile as I remember……I dun thru jumpin’ —–

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  5. Thanks for the Morning bike ride! And for the reminder that we need to feed our souls. ❤️

    Louise Miller Zuckerman

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  6. Wonderful reminder of something else I read this week: when you are faced with a choice in life, choose the joyful option. Applies to so much, doesn’t it?

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