Book Recommendations–the Latest No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, two sweet romances, and news of my own.

I have used the Christmas and New Year holiday weeks to practice the habit of stopping what I’m doing and sitting to read. I am reading much more again!

I finally got to read the latest installment from the beloved No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novels by  Alexander McCall Smith: THE COLORS OF ALL THE CATTLE, #19 in the series. Of course I enjoyed it immensely. I adore heroine Precious Ramotswe and would so love to have tea with her. As usual, the title is more simple fun and reflective of the magic and delight you will find in the book than it is meaning anything about the story.

How many of you out there read this series? If you have not read the series, I think you would do best to start with the first one, THE NO.1 LADIES’ DETECTIVE AGENCY.

WRITE, PRAY, GROW, Cultivating Prayer and Writing Together, by Ed Cyzewski. The title drew me in, and the introduction linking the two captured me. Cyzewski writes: “You begin prayer with empty hands and writing with a white page. You begin with expectation, promise, and hope.” And this is so. His writing is clear, easy to read, and an encouragement to writing and living.

I want to caution, however, that the Kindle edition is formatted with a Thanks for Reading and invitation to join the author’s newsletter, request for a review, and author bio, right in the middle of the book. I was perplexed at first, because I was only 68% through the book. Then I was annoyed to see that the book continued. I have read that this is a new ploy by authors to get people to actually read the end page information and leave reviews. Well, I don’t care for it. Note to Self: Don’t do this.

Donna Fasano has just announced that two of her romances will be Free–that is 2 FREE BOOKS!–January 17 through 21 only.

JASON, Single Daddy Club book 2, and REECE, Single Daddy Club book 3. I have not read these books, but do know Donna writes lovely sweet romance, and the books both have 4.5 starred reviews. Also, they draw me because my son is a single father. I have seen this subject up close and personal. You can’t go wrong with Free. It is most generous of Donna Fasano.

Lastly, excited to report that my own SWEET DREAMS AT THE GOODNIGHT MOTEL, digital edition is now available on Apple, Nook, and Kobo, and in some libraries.

Don’t buy yet! Sale is coming. Watch my blog posts for more info this week.


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  1. I read the McCall Smith books until the last two. I read them all with my dad and the thought of reading them now without him is just too hard still. I do enjoy his other series, too, and my dad didn’t read those so I’ve kept up with them.

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