The Write House Publishes The Front Porch

I’m excited to announced that I have joined with a group of talented women’s fiction authors to form a consortium we’ve named The Write House. Our aim is to help each other promote our work with deeper and wider interaction with readers. I imagine you are like me, and when I enjoy a novel, the first thing I want to do is to know more about the author. And we authors also enjoy getting to know our readers, too!

Our authors are quite a diverse lot. I’m sure you recognize many of us, and maybe some are among your favorites: Tanya Ann Crosby, Emilie Richards, Kay Bratt, Lou Aronica, Mary Campisi, Leigh Duncan, Bette Lee Crosby, Kellie Coates Gibert, Pamela Morsi, Steena Holmes, Christine Nolfi, Julianne MacLean.

The Front Porch

We have put together a magazine of fiction and essays that we’re offering totally free called The Front Porch, a magazine for fiction lovers. I invite you to click here or on the photo and take a look.

Please join us on Facebook, where you can find out about new releases, sales and giveaways. We’re also having discussions about books and everyday life–our pets, our hobbies and endeavors, and just everything but the kitchen sink, as my mother would say. It’s a virtual front porch where we can get to know each other. So grab your cold tea, hot tea, or coffee and join us. We look forward to meeting you!

Curtiss Ann

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