Reading Goal: 50 Books

I got the idea from writer and teacher Deborah Chester, who wrote last year of her goal to read 100 books. Well, let me not set a goal I know at the outset I can’t reach, so I’m scaling down to read 50 books in 2017.

I’ve never done this before. I’m excited. That’s a lovely thing, excitement. It is fuel for living life, helps you take tall buildings in a single bound, and is evidence I’m onto a good and nurturing thing. The Dr. Seuss phrase pops to mind: “Oh, the places you will go!”

I have begun with Fannie Flagg’s latest—The Whole Town’s Talking, and already enjoying it. With the idea of a reading goal, I’m happily making a list of books I want to explore. I feel a certain daring to widen myself, excitement of the places I’ll go, some old favorites, and old classics that I have not before attempted, as well as current books. Days scheduled to wander the library and bookstore entice me!

But no reading anything that does not grab and hold my attention. I recall someone once telling me about a book, “About a hundred pages into it, it gets good.” Well, no, ma’am, that does not suit me. My time and energy are far too valuable to wade through a hundred dragging pages.

It is important to note that what bores one person may not bore another, so we don’t have to feel critical when judging that the story doesn’t touch us. (Nor do we writers have to experience a stab to the heart.) The book simply isn’t for us at that particular time. I’ve found that at points in my life I’ve not been able to read a book, and I go along a few years, pull the same book off the shelf and get instantly absorbed. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry was one of those.

Would anyone like to join me in a reading goal? I shall report here from time to time, to keep myself encouraged. Let’s share the news of good books.


32 thoughts on “Reading Goal: 50 Books

  1. I don’t want to set a goal but your post has given me the idea to share what I read in 2017, perhaps on my web site. Even though they are all on Goodreads, it’d be nice to have a list there, too! I’m glad you set a realistic goal for yourself. Goals are good!


  2. I joined the reading challenge on Goodreads and set a goal of 125 books. Last year I set a goal of 150 and read over 200. I decided to lower the bar this year because there are some other projects I want to take on. I love romance novels, especially romantic suspense. I also love a good mystery or thriller.

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  3. My resolution is the same as it has been for the last 5 years. It is to read 10 authors new to me. I have kept that resolution and have been introduced to a lot of really good writers.
    If you are any kind of a reader, 50 books is an easily attainable goal.
    Happy New Year

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  4. I am a avid reader, really enjoyed Fannie Flagg’s new book.
    At 76, I read only for enjoyment. I can tell pretty quick if it’s not for me. I am now reading Lesley Kagen’s new book, highly recommend it. I often go back and read Fannie Flagg’s older books, Miss Read, Mignon Ballard,Catherine Cookson, your books and of course Maeve Binchy.

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  5. Curtiss Ann, I saw Liz mention this on Facebook, and I got so excited! I already wanted to make reading a priority this year, and I’m looking forward to sharing progress! My first is Silent Voices, by Ann Cleeves–love Vera Stanhope!

    Anna Adams

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  6. This sounds like so much fun, and I just got back from a cruise where I read three books–and darn it, I’ll count them since it was SO close to 2017. With a start like that, how could I go wrong?

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  7. I did my goal last night. 39 books. I finished two yesterday which is funny since I was trying to get through them in 2016. No time at the end. More time now. I love your goal. I’m reading a good one today. Much love. ~~Dee

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  8. Well I’m a librarian so of course I support you in your reading goal! You are lucky to already have Fannie Flagg’s new book. In fact, your writing touches me in the same way hers does when she writes about Elmwood Springs. Enjoy it–and the other books you choose during 2017. I’m in a Bookclub that has been going on for 40 years with the same group of women. Don’t fret if you don’t like the book. As soon as I turned 60 I decided that an author had to pique my interest quickly. Too many good things out there to read. Louise

    Louise Miller Zuckerman

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    • A book club of friends for 40 years–what a blessing! You are so right about not wasting time with a book that does not suit oneself. Move on and find a book that does. There are plenty of good books out there. Thank you for the compliment that my stories remind you of Fannie Flagg’s. High compliment indeed!


  9. I think I’ll join you, Curtiss Ann, if only to get myself back to reading as a habit instead of in snatched moments of being neither busy nor asleep. I’ll go with the 50, as you did, because I’ve slowed down to much in recent years to achieve 100. I’m going to cheat a little and count the one I started on New Year’s Eve, because I haven’t finished it yet. 🙂

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    • Well, honey, of course the one started on New Year’s Eve counts! I realized I’m going to have to keep the list and count in my planner. Me, too, wanting to give myself more space for reading. I am forming the habit of letting everything go and sitting down to read, even scheduling it in. How did I find time for so much reading in my younger years? Oh, yes, not so many responsibilities, and no computer. 🙂 Hugs, CurtissAnn



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