Book Recommendation: The Basket Maker’s Wife, by Cait London

$4.99 at Amazon. First of a series.

$4.99 at Amazon. First of a series.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Basket Maker’s Wife. The characters became very real to me, and this is my most ardent requirement. Characters are what keep me reading. This novel is filled with people I could like and love and really root for. Each night I looked forward to settling down in bed and reading, and I would read far too long, not wanting to put the book down because it took me away from the stresses of my own world.

The Basket Maker’s Wife is set in a contemporary small town in the Ozark area, a town like a million others across middle America. It is a ‘country’ sort of book, my favorite kind. It is in the romantic suspense genre, with fantasy elements, but I think it goes beyond genres in all directions. At heart it is a story of women helping women and the men who love them. It is about abuse of women, abusive fathers and husbands, so very common in our world–far more common than society even now in this ‘open’ age talks about. It is about the foolish things men and women do, the damage we do ourselves with our own mistakes, and our own hurts. And it is about the challenge and daring to reach out for second chances, to believe in the good, and that we are never alone but people all around us, as well as those we cannot see, stand ready to help.

If you do read The Basket Maker’s Wife and enjoy it, I urge you to leave a review saying so on Amazon, or wherever you purchase it. It needn’t be anything long, just a few words. Reviews are vitally important to authors.

Do let me know of any good novels you have read recently. I’m always on the lookout for a really good read.




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