Gleanings: Gable, Cameron, and Kafka

In renovating my blog, I came across my Gleanings posts. This one encouraged me so much that I decided to repost it. Hope it does the same for you.

Curtiss Ann Matlock

Clark Gable. Wasn't he somethin'? Clark Gable. Wasn’t he somethin’?

Montgomery Clift asked Clark Gable how he would approach his role in the Misfits. Gable replied: “I bring to it everything I have been, everything I am, and everything I hope to be.”

That is what we do when we write, or when we create anything. We bring all that we are in the moment to our endeavor. We can do nothing else, so it behooves us to believe in ourselves and what we have to offer. The better we know ourselves, honestly and with acceptance of the whole–even those parts that make us cry–the better and clearer we can write. The better we can live and leave something of value.

An artist is a sensitive creature. ~Julia Cameron on Twitter

“You’re too sensitive,” is commonly said in our society. I was told this often by people close to me. I grew up believing…

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