Gleanings: of hissy-fits, saying no, and Love in a Small Town

Life has intruded, terribly. I had a big hissy-fit, watched a number of episodes of Bones, and came to the realization that I absolutely had to write. Writing would solve everything. Why can I not remember this? Because the world is so loud, and everyone’s needs are so loud.

I told a few people and responsibilities, “No,” and came to the page for stolen moments.

A main difficulty of the modern writer, the modern human being, is being called on to wear so many hats, many of them ill-fitting, and confusing. I find I’m scattered in a million directions, and some of the directions are deserts. When I thought of that, I decided that is my challenge. It is a problem for me, and problems were meant to be solved. And usually they are solved one step at a time.

Love in a Small Town

Love in a Small Town

My first step is to do what I can do with what I have this minute. I followed through with my first thought, which was to put digital editions of Love in a Small Town on sale for $1.99. These editions are at at Barnes and Noble and iTunes, and just about everywhere, except Kindle. The Kindle version is taking pre-orders, but…psst: if you will wait until the end of the month, it, too, will be on sale.

Love in a Small Town is also now published in paper, and if you buy the paperback edition at Amazon, you will get the Kindle version at the current sale rate of $1.99. Supposedly, but I can’t figure out where this is on the page. So I started to get frustrated again and have another hissy-fit, when–stop! Use the energy to fuel my life. If anyone has knowledge of this fact of a reduced price on Kindle after buying the paper version, please let me know how to find it on the page.

I leave you with quotes that I used to encourage myself this morning:

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues. ~ Duke Ellington  (If I took the energy I use to pout, I could either write an opus or run the world–or at least clean my desk.)

Anger is a map. Anger shows us what our boundaries are. Anger shows us where we want to go. ~ Julia Cameron

I started a miracle list. ~ my friend, Maxie.

God bless you all,

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