Gleanings: Writers’ Strengths, Self-direction, and Commitment

Self-direction, stubbornness, nonconformity, rebelliousness, and a love of freedom are writers’ strengths. Use them honorably. ~ Eric Maisel, The Writer’s Life

As I typed the above quote, I saw each word individually and more meaningfully than when I first read them. We can, and do, read words, and we know what they mean, but so often it is only scratching a surface. We read and move on, little impacted by the words. We don’t see the ideas at work, don’t put them to work, in our life.

Now that I’m writing about the words, I can see each of the attributes above in myself in a way I have never seen before. That is how writing works, how writing takes me where I want to go. I can see the truth of the statement. I do, more or less, possess each of those attributes, and I can see they can be strengths.

Deliberately putting the attributes to work in my life is where the using honorably comes in. I might write the words with a pen and really look at them. I might do a study of each word, of the meaning and get to know what each looks like in action. Let me consciously use honorably each of these strengths in the coming weeks. Let me take time to find my own personal strengths; let me name them and use them honorably.



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