Gleanings: A good thing to ponder, the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, The Right to Write…

A good thing to ponder:

“You have to be careful, Grace,” said Phuti. “You never know.”

You never know. She had pondered the words. No, one never knew, but just as you never knew what difficulties you might encounter, you also never knew about the positive things the future might hold. ~ Alexander McCall Smith, The Handsome Man’s De Luxe Cafe. 

The New Year is fast upon us. I think I’ll spend some time pondering what good things the future might hold. This will take deliberate effort, and several cups of tea.

“There is a great happiness in letting myself write. I don’t always do it well, or need to, but I do need to do it. There is a great and simple satisfaction, like tagging base with a friend. There is a ‘me’ that emerges in relationship to writing, like the me that emerges in certain friendships, who makes me laugh.” ~ Julia Cameron, The Right to Write.

I find the same with writing. Writing is a loving, accepting relationship with myself. It encourages my highest, best self. This realization makes me more willing to give it time and energy.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, dear readers.







5 thoughts on “Gleanings: A good thing to ponder, the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, The Right to Write…

  1. You never know…. will that work with old age? What a new innovative thought, you never know what good things can happen!!! Thank you for that as I turn 65 with great apprehension….. and Merry Christmas to you lovely lady.


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