Yippee! Miracle On I-40 hits the top 100 Kindle Holiday Romances!


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I’m thrilled that Miracle On I-40 has gone onto the top 100 Kindle books in the Holiday Romances. Another generation of people are enjoying the story, conceived so long ago. Miracle On I-40 is a story about second chances, perseverence, and seeking joy. About choosing life, right in the midst of chaos. (Perhaps I know more about this perseverance than I have realized.)  It is a feel-good, relaxing read.

It has always been my aim to write to give to others the same enjoyment that I have received from fiction. A way to pass along the good blessings, ones that more than once have saved my sanity in wild and woolly life on earth.

Miracle On I-40 is at 99¢ only on Kindle right now. Enjoy it…and if you cannot, please find a story that you can enjoy. Such is how we build ourselves.

Merry Christmas!


PS: You can get a free autograph by clicking on the Authorgraph link in the sidebar.

4 thoughts on “Yippee! Miracle On I-40 hits the top 100 Kindle Holiday Romances!

    • Thank you, Liz, for your kind comment. You know, I believe that somehow I do have a great deal of peace. I think all of us do. “My peace I leave with you,” our Lord said. We all have it, only so very often in this world, we overlook it and get carried away by emotional upheaval. Let me remember that today! Sending hugs…



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