Gleanings– Karon, Maisel, Beattie, the reading chair

The reading chair stool. It grows more precarious by the day. Do you have places in your house like this?

The reading chair stool. It grows more precarious by the day. Do you have places in your house like this?

Now reading Jan Karon’s Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good, and enjoying it immensely!

He had never lacked for something to do, some problem to solve, someone to try and make happy. Then came the course in clergy counseling, and the contemporary notion that he couldn’t possibly make someone else happy, such business was entirely up to the other person. ~ Jan Karon, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.

It isn’t simply a modern notion; it is the truth of humans and life on earth. Happiness is an inside job. It is also a high duty. One of the greatest things we can give others and the world is to cultivate our own happiness, in order to spread it around. That’s how it works. (And yes, it is not easy, so rest a lot.)

Get good at the craft of writing by writing (just about) anything. ~ Eric Maisel, Living the Writer’s Life.

I have to write now in bits and pieces. Such is my life at the present. But I am writing, and when I am writing, I am happy. I am my best self. I am energized. I am getting better at writing. Seeing this convinces me to write more, and to more often say no to those things and people who suck my precious time.

Learn the process of coming to believe you can. Be patient. Accept where you are in your learning curve today. ~ Melody Beattie, More Language of Letting Go.

Be happy today, dear hearts!



7 thoughts on “Gleanings– Karon, Maisel, Beattie, the reading chair

    • Took me at least half my life to grasp the concept that I cannot make another person happy. I can aid. A smile aids. But I’m not responsible for another’s happiness, and oh, sometimes I still trip up and forget! You are so right, it is freeing, and the freedom that comes lets us do what we can–make our own selves happy. Thanks for stopping by and adding to my happiness!


  1. Regarding the chair: I have an area area around my chair that has a bag and a basket of yarn and a short bookcase that is filled with my computer and iPad, books, signs (DREAM, Out of my mind, be back in five minutes and inspiring things like that), a cup with pencils, pens, scissors, nail files, writing tablet, eyeglasses, etc and a lamp. I neaten it up at least twice a day. Love my nest…


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