Gleanings from the past week

As a new week starts, I go over a few things that struck me in my reading in the past week. These help to carry me forward ~

“Always be reading; always be writing down new ideas. Ten ideas a day.” ~ James Altucher, The Power of No.

This practice helps me to be in the moment, which is always the point of power and thus creativity. It is an exercise for the creative muscle. It is the act of writing them down, purposefully, that helps me to see these ideas that I wasn’t at all aware of existing in my mind. The first couple of days I was dismayed that I could only come up with a list of three or four, but with persistence, I’m now listing eight to ten. It’s a lot of fun. Reminds me of the practice that I learned early on to make written lists of everything that could happen next in a scene. Working the creative muscle makes it stronger. Do it on purpose.

“When I want to read a good book, I write one.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli, as quoted in Eric Maisel’s book, Living the Writer’s Life.

“Truly profound power and peace lie in the ability to change my behavior to suit my needs.” ~ Anonymous.

Any of you have some interesting gleanings from the week?


8 thoughts on “Gleanings from the past week

  1. I have thought alot about the art of writing and recording our lives in print. What if, long ago, people had recorded their history in a hyrogliphics type script that we could no longer transcribe? It would be much like the early computers with room sized drives. Things have changed so fast that these disk and forms of reading arent really available. I am a true beleiver in writing andd printing what I write just in case someonee cares some day. beebeesword


  2. I’ve been working on writing exercises for readful things. I feel such a hypocrite. I tll people to do them but then struggle with them myself. Ten things is an accomplishment to be proud of, but then we all know you can do anything, lady:)


  3. “When I want to read a good book, I write one” – well, it sounds like everybody is taking this advice and writing their own book. 🙂 And if not books, they’re writing songs. As for me, well, I’m writing song lyrics these days and so I use my recorder on my phone, which comes in handy.


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