Classic View and Other Changes

You should have seen my face, when I logged on to write a new post. The screen was not one I recognized. I went through surprise, dismay, distrust, annoyance, high irritation, and finally great relief of the hallelujah type when I saw up in the corner the message: “Missing the old editor? No worries, just switch to classic mode.” Oh, dear hearts who understand!

I clicked on the classic view. Classic. I like that term. That suits me. Don’t you wish we could all have such a button to return to the former ‘classic’ time in our lives, before the change ripped through it? Lordy, do I wish I had a back button for many circumstances. A button to return me to the familiar, and no matter how awful, the familiar seems, well, familiar and not scary.

I happily stared at the familiar classic screen a moment. Then, curious, and jutting my chin, I hit the back button and returned to the new post screen. I felt positively daring. Sometimes a person needs to go with the change just for practice. There’s an energy generated, freed, by choosing to go with change and see what happens.

Mulling this over, it seems that all problems are a form of change in my life. My reactions are varying degrees of surprise, dismay, even grief, distrust, fear and the resulting anger.

Could I possibly see all change as opportunity of some sort?

Honestly, I’m not there yet. I can’t look at being a widow as opportunity. Not quite. Nor the circumstance where I am responsible for my invalid mother, and the numerous daily changes, like the garage door that refuses to operate, where once it was wonderful.

But what if I could? What if I chose to practice seeing all change as a form of some sort of opportunity? Hidden blessings?

It’s worth a shot. I can try that for at least fifteen minutes a day. The idea makes me smile.

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