Letters Count

So this morning I have spent and hour answering the many delightful “Happy Birthday” messages, and did not get one word written on either of my two current writing projects. That is not supposed to happen.

Now, I could spend energy and time berating myself for lack of focus and discipline, or I could be happy for all the writing I did in my reply messages. I’ve given thanks, connected with old friends, encouraged a couple of people, and been encouraged. And I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of thoughts!

A quote I read years ago about writing, I believe it may have come from the author, Judith Kranz: “Write, write, and letters count.”

They do!

6 thoughts on “Letters Count

  1. Writing Letters was my first connection to my true voice right out of the box! To my brother Dave in the service, to friends, to my grandpa, to relatives, to myself! They always were, and still are today, the place I hear authentic voice. Happy Birthday Joy to a woman of letters! and published books of letters that form words, plot and story.


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