Being Present

Cold and crisp here in the deep South. In my office, and my hands are like icicles. I imagine how the men feel who are working this minute putting on my new roof. Please hold them in prayer.

I can hear the presence of the workmen above me. What a blessing that presence is, giving me the roof I need. They would likely be surprised to know of my warm sentiment. So would the clerks at the Dollar Store. I just love our Dollar Store. Sometimes I get hugs from the clerks, and always a smile and friendly hello. Those are priceless. I think most of us discount our presence. Sometimes a presence doesn’t have to say or do anything at all, just the being there makes a tremendous addition to another’s life. I’m not talking about a presence that sucks one dry, but a presence that gives off energy and life and makes you a better person just by being in their presence. And I realize that very often, deprived of that presence, I’ve succeeded in writing one for myself.

I think my presence to myself is the most important of all, and half the time the hardest to accomplish, with the tug of the world, with one part of my mind going one way and the other drawn another. So, just this minute, I’ll be present to myself and see what comes out for me to write.

“Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly.” ~George MacDonald

Then let me trust myself and be delighted.

God bless…

8 thoughts on “Being Present

  1. We often seek to count our blessings in places and actions and things; we forget to count, and seek, those moments of clarity when and where we know we belong. Thank you for the reminder.


  2. The snow is falling again here in Belleville. I have not heard how much to expect, I have ignored the weather reports about that info, living in denial. This mornings “dusting” was a little over an inch. I too crochet, something I have enjoyed doing for years. I belong to a Prayer Shawl group at church that meets monthly. It is very rewarding to give the blessed shawls to others who need comforting, or for celebrating joyful events. I have tried numerous times to learn how to knit, from various teachers, books and even youtube. I just can’t get it. I should take note of the words my mother has tried to preach to me my whole life….”Honey, you can’t do it all!”


    • I would love to belong to a prayer shawl crocheting group. But I’d better get crocheting again first! ha, ha. I sure love you, Carolyn. Thanks for the encouragement, and the reminder that I can’t do it all. ❤


      • Relaxing for me, you too? I meet with a bunch of ladies at a local church once a week. Wonderful fun. Haven’t done much of it lately. I am in the middle of a move from a big house to a smaller one. Lots of stress figuring what to take and what to let go. Look forward to getting into my knitting again, soooon. Think of you often and am always recommending your books. Live them…


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