Love and Humor–Two Christmas Romances on Kindle Sale!

Kindle sale!
Each of my two Christmas romances– Miracle on I-40 and Once Upon a Christmas— went on sale on Kindle at 99 cents each.

We’re down to the last shopping days! Things start to get a little harried at this time of year. You should have seen me pushing my buggy through Walmart early this morning. I had twenty minutes, and I was making the most of them. Thank goodness no one got in my way. It is a perfect time to get a cup of tea or hot cocoa, snuggle down in a blanket, and enjoy some pleasurable reading time. Let us all remember that Jesus came so that we might have life abundantly. Take a break, take a lot of breaks this season, and make a point to enjoy the precious gift of life and joy. No matter what difficulties loom, never forget to enjoy your life.

Once Upon A Christmas
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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