Of Birds Singing, Repairing Roofs, and Reading

Good morning! #21 gratitude is that the weather is mild enough for me to enjoy being on the porch this morning. For the simple things, and eyes to see the joy in them.

Amazing how many birds–spring-sounding birds– were singing in the dim, gloomy morning well before sunrise. A reminder that it is a good thing to sing my own song, even well before I see light. I remember my mother-in-law used to do this precious humming of songs, most especially, I think, when she had heartache.

As for the leaky roof saga, it may be coming to a happy ending. I called the roofer again yesterday and asked when I could expect someone to do the repair. He sent a crew in the afternoon; they caulked cracks and screws. Rain is predicted for Saturday; we’ll see then if the work was successful. In the meantime, I got yet another lesson about asking and receiving. Can’t receive until you ask. And sometimes you have to ask, ask, ask.

Today I’m going to take time to read, just sit and read–I’m into the latest ‘Ladies #1 Detective Agency’ books by Alexander McCall Smith. What’s everyone reading?

4 thoughts on “Of Birds Singing, Repairing Roofs, and Reading

  1. I am diving headfirst into holiday reading! Right now, although, I’m reading a fascinating book called Snow On The Tulips. It’s about the Dutch Resistance movement during WWII and a young man and woman who get caught up in it and find love along the way. It’s really good so far!

    Hope you have a non-leaky weekend – we are looking at ice and maybe snow! ick!


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