Getting Out of the Blues

Wow! 72* here this morning! I’m bare-footing, breeze tickling my toes. Pitch dark still, and I’m on the porch in the pool of light from the kitchen window. Crickets singing. It’s the Indian summer day that passes through on the way to winter. Breeze is picking up and going to sweep the warm temps away, making way for winter to edge in. But in this moment, the experience is fine.

It is amazing how things change in 24 hours. Yesterday was a hard day. Liz Flaherty posted so well about the blues. The blues visited here, too. I think of the Louisa May Alcott quote: “I am not afraid of storms, because I am learning how to sail my ship.” Ha! Some days the ship hits a rock and you’re thrown out on a lifeboat, holding on for dear life. The lifeboat is called gratitude. While not a cure all, being purposely grateful will help you to stay afloat until you can make calm water again. Yes, giving thanks through gritted teeth and tears counts. I think it may count more.

I guess somehow a new ship came in the night and picked me up, because today I’m sailing along fine. Soon will be taking Little Dude to school, and I’m planning a trip to Lowe’s for a number of items. Lowe’s always picks me up, as does another lifeboat called retail therapy.

Oh, and I almost forgot–I’m working on editing a new ebook, hope to have it available next month! It is a novella I did many years ago, ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS. I’m finding it entertaining as all get out. Nothing like a good story to get one out of the blues.

God bless us all.

3 thoughts on “Getting Out of the Blues

  1. I’m glad you’re better today–I am, too. Having lunch with old friends, which is always a good thing. I love that LMA quote–she’s gotten me through more than one rough day! I’ll be glad to see ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS. I don’t remember if I’ve read it or not, but again will be fine with me. 🙂 Have a great one, CurtissAnn.


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