Winter Blooming

sweet olive treeA rainy day! Soft rain falls, makes sparkling jewels on the ruby lorapetalum leaves. A breeze, too, from the north, but a cool caress here on the east porch, where I’m happy in a heavy robe. Too cool for Little Dude, and he went inside. First thing son said was, “Be glad you aren’t in Oklahoma, where it is 36*.” But I do love the change of the seasons, and the cooler weather coming in. It will get cold, or relatively, here as the months go on. I’m preparing for fires in the fireplace, if only a few.

I’m posting a pick of the tiny, fragrant sweet olive blossoms. The tree is heavy with them now. Sweet olives bloom in the fall, and then this one has blooms repeatedly throughout the winter into spring.

The thought comes about the ‘winter’ of my life. I’m in it. Looking at the tree encourages me that I can bloom, too, in winter. Maybe even that I do surely bloom with this season. I need only open my eyes to see the blossoms, and to find ways to encourage them.

Gotta run feed chickens and get dressed. We’re hoping the rain be gone so we can go car shopping. 🙂

God bless us all!

2 thoughts on “Winter Blooming

  1. So I’m reading your words out here in No. Cal. where today I’m officiating my BFF’s sons wedding today. They are so young and to use your analogy, in the Springtime of their lives. So very much in love. And I thought to myself this morning, it’s good to be so innocently full of joy. Not knowing what road they will go down…but then during my prayers, I swear I heard God chuckling in my head, saying honey, you don’t know what road I’LL next lead you on! I desire only the highest Good for ALL the seasons of your life….
    Just had to share.
    Hope you had luck on your car search! Happy trails on your road, wherever that may lead, on a comfy seat and sturdy wheels.
    Sending thoughts of a Blessed path this Sunday!


    • Oh, yes, I’m actually able to believe today that, no matter what it might look like for a brief bit, God truly does desire my highest good. I think the winter gives us a whole bunch of years to look back and see this truth played out. Thank you for the reminder, and the vision of God chuckling, and a lovely wedding. God bless!


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