Sweet Olive and Snakes and the New Day

It is pitch dark still. I hear the rare call of a hoot owl in the distance. And the sweet olive is blooming! The thick, sweet scent wafts past…

This post was interrupted because the girls in the henhouse started making noise. I grabbed a flashlight and shovel and went to look, but I saw nothing amiss. I had left the light on all night by mistake, and I guess it made them get up earlier than normal. Or maybe they saw a snake. On Sunday afternoon, my sister-in-law and I heard them making noise and went out to check. Dear sister-in-law found a snake wrapped on the fence, found it when her hand touched it. A long thin brown-patterned snake. I thought chickens would eat a smaller snake like that, so I used a broom handle to toss it into the chicken yard. Well, no. Rather than eat it, they stared at it while it slithered away under the henhouse. Shoot, it’ll just grow up and eat eggs.

Now the day is started and the sky growing light. Once it starts, it comes on like gangbusters. Likely they’ll be some snaky-like stuff show up today, but there will be wonderful sweet things, too, like the sweet olive that keeps on blooming. I am reminded that what I focus on grows.

God bless us all for a great day.

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