Daisy Comes Home–and so does a small boy

Good morning! A pure fall day, humid, overcast, actually rather ‘Halloweeny’ as I look at the great old gnarled pecan tree trunk, thin with leaves now, deep gray against a gray sky. The sun must have just come up over the horizon, because there tips of the trees around the pasture are bathed in gold. The courtyard in front of me is  beautiful in a messy cottage fall manner. The air is warmer than yesterday, but I do have on slippy-socks. A bird sings clear and loud from the tree top, some bird with a million type of calls. I checked with the bird app and do believe it could be a Northern Mockingbird.

Just have to relate a neat instance of synchronicity: On the way home from school, I attempted to convince Little Dude to read with me when we got home. I wanted to read the new story featuring chickens that I’d bought. He resisted. “I don’t like books.” However, the subject got us talking of our own chickens, and how our youngest chick got picked on by the older hens. We both had forgotten the name we’d given to the youngest. Little Dude set to work coming up with a new name. Finally, he came up with, “Miss Daisy.” Perfect! We both loved it.

Daisy Comes HomeAfter homework, Little Dude goes to the iPad, and I bring out the new book. I am flabbergasted to see the title, which I had not remembered at all: Daisy Comes Home. Not only that, but the picture looks like our Daisy! I showed it to Little Dude and started to read, and it turns out that the story is about a young and small hen named Daisy, who all the bigger hens pick on, peck and push around. Well, just like ours! Little Dude could not help himself. He had to inch over from the train-driving app to listen to the entire story, which is a great adventure and with beautiful illustrations. One of the best books I have ever in my life read. Daisy Comes Home, by Jan Brett, fine for children and adults alike. Oh, the joy of discovering a book that touches your heart and soul!

I’m going to keep an eye out for synchronicity today– or God Winks, as my friend Carolyn Manring Mers calls it.

Have a blessed day!

4 thoughts on “Daisy Comes Home–and so does a small boy

  1. AWW! What a beautiful story. There is more of our synchronicity in yesterday afternoon than you know. I will have to share that with you later. I have a little guy with a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. This sounds like a great gift for him. Thank you for sharing, sending you hugs for a beautiful day! I witnessed the dawning of the day this morning through my open window from the warmth of my bed. But I was thinking of you and mentally lifting a cup of tea to you!


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