Listening to Big Band Music on the Porch

Same temperature as yesterday, yet feels cooler. An example of feelings are not facts? Barefootin’ and turned the fan on against the mosquitoes and gnats. The pole light on the other side of the drive shines through the old pecan that is getting sparse with leaves now. It’s funny, but on the porch there is little smell, but when I step out into the yard, I smell a sweet dampness of fall.

And guess what– I have discovered I Heart Radio! Right now I have Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra playing from my iPhone. What hoot! I feel like I’m back in 1946, on a porch in the South, with one of those little brown radios, one with tubes glowing when you looked in the back, playing on a table beside me. I’m listening to ‘I Get a Kick Out of You,’ done with horns.

Told a dear friend last night on the phone that I was listening to Big Band music, how I loved it, and she said the same thing. Our birthdays are just two weeks apart, a number of years beyond the era of the bands, but we we both had mothers who loved big band music. We must have heard it in the wombs and as girls. I can sing the lyrics of half those songs. I love books set back in that era, and it is odd, but it pulls and tugs more and more on me.

Well, time is marching on. I’ll head into my day boosting my spirits now with Duke Ellington making my toes tap, and my mind swirl with imaginings.

Have a good day, dear hearts. Keep your chins up.


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