Looking for the Good

The deep dark has lifted. Earlier I heard what I think is a loon again, its gentle ghostly call. There’s a pond down the road, perhaps it stops in there. This is wintering grounds for the loon. Winter coming on slowly, fall very gentle thus far. Still in bare feet. the air soft and perfectly still this moment, while birds begin to wake and sing, the earth to come alive.

I am resisting coming awake and alive this morning. I would like it to stay dim like this, quiet, and to be able to sit here for hours reading, thinking, writing, just having everything my way. But life does not work like that. It is always moving and changing, and prodding and pushing us along, too. Nothing I can do about it. Have to accept, but I do not have to like it.

I upgraded my operating system on this Macbook, and it gives me new and strange features in my programs. New and better? My mind reels. Always something new going on. Change, change, change, which means being thrust into various levels of not knowing. The only thing to do is get comfortable with not knowing. This is called trust that somehow it will all work out for our good. I think a key is keeping an eye and heart out for the good.

Okay, today I practice keeping an eye out for all the good gifts coming my way. One is this time and this view before me.

Have a good day!

3 thoughts on “Looking for the Good

  1. Good morning! i l look forward to your posts each day. Today sounds lovely, calm and peaceful; looking forward to the good.
    God Bless you! and have a truly wonderful day!.


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