Do What You Love and Leave the Rest

Oh, there goes the ‘jibberty-jibberty’ bird! Calling out into the quiet morning stillness. Summer is back and heavy this morning. Using the fan to blow away mosquitoes again. A thin fog lays in the pasture and down the road, the pecan tree a dark sentry against a graying sky as night lifts away.

The morning stillness is alluring. I like to just sit here and soak it up. It’s like the noise and activity come with the sun. Once the sun comes up, I’m swept up into the vortex of the world, I think. This morning I’m thinking: Stop the world I want to get off. Maybe I’ll look for ways to do that today. The world is not going to go to pieces if I just step away for a bit. I heard yesterday the advice to get used to work and details never being done. Do what you can, and then leave the rest. I think somewhere in the doing what you can must come doing what you love to do. Never neglect that.

I’m getting really good with this habit of writing first thing in the morning. Now I need to carve out time on a regular and never-fail basis for writing on one main project. That is what I love. 

Wishing everyone a good day!


9 thoughts on “Do What You Love and Leave the Rest

  1. I think you have always been a bit of a philosopher; the pearls of wisdom you drop into my life invariably hit the mark. I so appreciate your thoughts; don’t stop.

    I’m also glad to read the part about ‘writing on one main project’ Oh, yes! Write Curtiss Ann,write! I can’t wait for your next book! Do what you love! the dust will eventually cover the house like the sands do the pyramids, but your words, never:)
    Oh, the Loves of Ruby Dee, what insight, my dear! it’s all in there.
    God Bless.


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