Sunday Reading

Good Sunday morning! I knew it was hot before I stepped out, because the air-conditioner came on a number of times last night. And my word, when I stepped out the door, I found it like a convection oven heating up, the air heavy enough to slice, and the ‘twit-twit’ bird appears to have given it up. There’s the drone of crickets and cicadas, they are meshed, and tired sounding. I know that so many of you are having the same thing. Dear sister-in-law up in St. Louis said yesterday that she had been in the pool twice. Mama, who is an avid Weather Channel watcher, reported it was 101 in Oklahoma City. Got the fan going here on the porch, so it is right pleasant when I’m very still.

I’m glad for the opportunity to slow down today. Today I’ll indulge in reading. I’ve just finished a novel, so I always feel a bit like I’m casting around for what I feel like reading at this point in time. It is my habit to have two or  more books going, one fiction, one non-fiction, and a whole lot of smaller stuff. Someone suggested Agatha Christie, and that is appealing. Christie is a comfort read. I think I want something with humor. Clyde Edgerton‘s Walking Across Egypt comes to mind. If you haven’t read it, give yourself the treat. There is also the movie, with Ellen Burstyn.

I’ve been wanting to read William Saroyan. I read that he had been accused of being a ‘sappy’ writer. Sounds like just my thing. One thing I do like about Kindle is to download samples. I read one of Saroyan’s short stories. Sappy and strange, and just the plain writing I like. I can download The Saroyan Reader, a collection of his short stories and novels. I’ve dithered because I’d rather have it in print, but haven’t ordered. I can have it instantly on Kindle. Sounds like I’ll be giving myself a gift–both reading and time.

What’s everyone reading now? Suggestions are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Reading

  1. Just read the Wedding Gift – powerful story but one for when you’re in the mood for something a little more serious. Definitely not sappy!


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