Laid Back Friday

Crickets and cicadas giving a loud concert this morning, and it is back to a bit of sultry. Summer hanging in there, while fall is knocking at the door. The leaves on the old pecan tree hanging over the courtyard are tired and worn and dropping more rapidly. I wonder what that old tree has seen. It is funny how important it is to me, a symbol of survival–how many hurricanes and lightning and bugs?–and it provides wonderful shade for plants, porch, and me.

Well, it is Friday. My casual and laid back day where resting begins for the weekend. It occurs to me that just as I’ve formed the habit of my morning schedule, I can form the habit of a Friday schedule. A habit of a fun day, free from all worry. No worry, no planning, no struggle allowed today. Today I will cultivate the habit of going with the flow, listening to the Holy Spirit, and only doing what I really want to do. Which may be, in truth, a habit I’ve already acquired.

Little Dude has already come, and I had to take a break, shut my computer quickly before I posted, in order to go over spelling words. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get to have a free Friday, doing only what he feels is right for him. The world is pushing and prodding him. To everything there is a season.

God bless us all!

5 thoughts on “Laid Back Friday

  1. Hi CurtissAnn, Recently I’ve come back to read your entries, after a furious season of focused writing. Putting things together I am deducing that you’ve lost your lifelong partner. I am so sorry. It brings home to me, how different all of our lives are, yet how alike. I too am “alone”. Now, all six home-schooled children, up the youngest, are finished with college and gone, and she is away, as well; my baby! Also, after 27 years of marriage, I find myself divorced—talk about alone time! The house seems huge! There are hard days, but my faith and friends uphold me.
    Coincidentally, I’ve noticed you calling your grand son Little Dude. When my youngest son came home from the hospital his soft hair naturally stood on end; it was the hairstyle of the era and his much older teenage brothers named him Little Dude; he is now 24 and in the Air Force! Not stopping there, while reading your book Small Town Great Big Life, I discovered that your heroine listened to Agatha Christie tapes for relaxing, just like me! During a particularly anxious time, Miss Marple’s soft murmurings always soothed me to sleep:)
    What I’m trying to say, in a round about way, is: He is BIG and we (our world) is, indeed, so small. We live in parallels.
    Your posts inspire and uphold me, often. Thank you. It’s good to see you let Him use you to encourage us, too! Don’t ever stop obeying!


    • Dear friend Lilly– thank you so much for reading and sharing with me. Since my husband’s death, I have discovered what you say, that the world is smaller than I imagined. Insignificant in the scheme of things, I think I mean. Age has given me this view, too. I think divorce is very nearly the same as the death of a spouse, surely it is the death of hopes and dreams, and that is exactly the same. But we go on, because there is no other thing to do, and it is best, since we have to make the best, to keep faith in God and good. Now I have a lot of time to study the Bible and Truth as never before. And time to write as never before, too. Isn’t Agatha Christie relaxing? 🙂


  2. Friday is usually that kind of day for me—a day off from hectic work week to regroup–recenter–and go at a slower pace that allows me to hear the HS’s voice and be guided. Praying for you in this season of transition. You inspire me! Hugs. Hugs. Hugs.


    • Oh, yeah, Teresa! Thanks for sharing, and encouraging me. I am reminded of the “where two or more are gathered,” principle. It is sweet to know a like mind. God bless you today.


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