No Hurry

A soft, cool morning. I over slept! Man, that felt good. Then I got up and scurried around and got out on the porch still before daylight. Not too hard to do with sunrise now almost at 6:30. Everything is still, but the gnats, so I turned on the fan against them. Not so cool that I can’t enjoy the fan blowing on my bare feet.

But getting up late gives me a rushed feeling. It is even like the ‘twit-twit’ bird and all the crickets seem to be going in a hurry. Reminds me that the world is how my vision colors it.  I get to decide my view for the day–easier said than done. For help, I lift my eyes to look around and the first thing I see is Miss Kitty drinking at the pond, then further out across the pasture beyond the pecan tree. There’s wet haze in the trees. No hurrying there.

I get to adjust myself, and I decide not to feel rushed. It certainly does no good. Let me go at my own pace, and let me keep my eyes on one thing at a time.

Oh, look, the sky above the trees has a pink tinge! I’m glad I did not miss seeing it at that very moment!

Enjoy your day. Don’t let hurry steal it.

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