New Book! Mary In Color, now available on Kindle

Two weeks since I’ve been here, and I have been busy. As I wrote in my previous post, I decided to put aside my latest book project and focus on a few other projects that have been languishing in the works.

Ta-da! I finished one of those projects last week. I’m happy to report that Mary In Color is now available on Kindle!

Mary In Color is the story of Mary Lunsford and the disturbance and hilarity that ensues when she, a woman approaching middle age, long widowed and with 3 grown daughters, dares to open herself to romance. Mary has spent her life looking after others, and happily, but suddenly she finds she wants something more. It is a story about how we change without really realizing, and about daring to reach for dreams. It is about mothers and daughters, and love and family, and yes, about moving on. My fiction always reflects lessons I’m learning in my own life.

The journey with this project has been, as it always seems to be for me, one of fits and starts. It began a year and a half ago, when rights to a number of properties originally published by Harlequin Books reverted to me. One of those was a short novella I had written that had been published in a special Silhouette Books anthology, To Mother with Love, 1992. After that first printing the story went out of print and has not seen the light of day for twenty years.

Let me say that so much of my early work I would just as soon leave buried in the past. But I read this novella and was absolutely delighted. So I rewrote the entire story, enlarged and changed and  turned it into a brand new book: Mary In Color.

For this week, Mary in Color is available on Kindle for the special promotional price of 99 cents. I hope it give you a bit of relaxing reading time, a break from the harried rat race, and returns you to your world refreshed and with a high heart. That is the great gift of fiction.



13 thoughts on “New Book! Mary In Color, now available on Kindle

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  2. How admirable and inspiring! Writing a novel is no easy task. It requires dedication and discipline. How many times do we fail to take the first steps toward a grand dream. You remind me that I cannot arrive at my destination if I do not set foot on the path and it is not about whether the time is right, it is only about stepping out and staying on course… over and over. Thank you and congratulations!


  3. Well, here in the midwest the skies are very grey, there is a heavy wet snow falling furiouisly. I have officailly declared this as “PJ Day!” I should be putting the final touches on my own writing project, but instead I am snuggled in the recliner with a quilt and letting Mary add some color ( and some smiles!) to the day. Your timing, as always, is perfect my friend! Have a great day.


    • Carolyn– I am so glad you can snuggle in your pjs and take some much needed time off. This time of year calls for it! And actually, I took a moment’s break that has turned into twenty minutes of playing with color on my computer. Go me! Sending hugs, CurtissAnn


  4. Hi Curtiss Ann, I am delighted that this new book has come out. I do not have a kindle. Will it be coming out in print? Please say yes.


    • Yes! As soon as I can get it formatted for print from Amazon. I’m started, will let you know. I much prefer print, too. I have Kindle and iBooks on my iPad, but I only read very old antique books that I can’t get any other way. Many of us are of this mind. 🙂

      Hugs, CurtissAnn


  5. I want to read this. When will it be available in print? I’m a non-Kindle person but a big fan of all your books. I really want to read your new book so I’m hoping the print version will be available very soon.


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