Broken Snow Globe

snow globe

My small grandson, Sweetie-Pie, brought home secret presents from his school’s Christmas shop. He was so excited: “You are gonna love it, Nana!” I sat in the living room reading, while Sweetie-Pie and Papa worked to wrap the presents. Papa’s was already wrapped in tissue paper from school, so it was okay for him to see the bundle.

Then I heard a crash, followed by a heartbroken, “Oh, Papa! I broke your present…”

I went instantly to the kitchen. What can you say to heartbreak? I held Sweetie-Pie and cried with him. Then I gently pulled the item out of the trash, where Papa had very naturally put it, knowing it was beyond repair. It was the remains of a little snow globe, with a train. (Papa and Sweetie-Pie have shared many an hour watching train crash videos on YouTube.)

“We can keep it. Papa can take the broken glass off. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have a globe. We still have this, and it is still cute, and still a present from you.”

So that’s what we did. After a bit Sweetie-Pie could smile again.

“We carry on. We have ourselves and we carry on — in spite of our losses and mistakes, and women, I think, have more than most. ~Susan Fletcher, novelist.

9 thoughts on “Broken Snow Globe

  1. Look at it this way, a future project for you and family??? Maybe…
    There has to be something good learned from this…So sorry Sweetie Pie. Taking it out of the trash and fixing it is a good reminder of the special gift years to come. Hey, how about when he turns 16 wrap it up for him for Christmas with a note about how special that day was for Nana and Papa knowing how much he wanted to gift you both…How that made your Christmas, etc…


  2. I just knew I had seen this as a crafts project, so googled “how to make a snowglobe”. Guess who came up first — Martha Stewart. Plus, there were lots of others and I saw one for waterless snowglobes. Perhaps you can find a container that the whole thing would fit in or something to “fix” this even better. Good Luck!! I could just see that “broken heart” on Sweetie-Pie’s face.


    • Yes, hubby already looked up how snow globes are made. It seems reasonable that I should be able to find a globe of the size needed. We’ll see. The lesson is learned, and continues. Thanks, Brenda.


    • Another globe? Clever girl! I didn’t even think of it. But I’ll keep an eye out for a fit sized globe. Maybe could use glitter for snow, or styrofoam. I think all it was was water.

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