Romance Classic: Miracle On I-40 on Sale! $.99

This week, Miracle On I-40, a Christmas romance classic, is on sale for $.99 on Kindle and direct from the publisher, Belgrave House, who offers a number of formats.

Miracle On I-40, a romance classic by Curtiss Ann Matlock, published in hardback in 2005, by Mira Books, now in ebook from Belgrave House.

You can check out more about the book by clicking on the Kindle and Belgrave House links above, and also here on my site.

The old saying “happy as a dog with two tails” apply describes my state. I am thrilled that after being out of print for a number of years, Miracle On I-40 is available again! It is one of my favorite books that I’ve written–sweet, funny, and magical.

We decided only back in October. While I have now a number of my novels in ebook, I have had little to do with the process. I wanted to learn, so when Elizabeth Rotter, publisher at Belgrave House, kindly agreed to help me, I dropped all other projects and dove in.

I still had the electronic file of the book in MS Word, but it was the un-edited proof. I had to go back through the text, comparing it with the hardback print version as I went, and make the necessary corrections. Fortunately the changes proved to be few. Then I converted it to a Rich Text File, which was all the hard work of hitting a button, and handed it off to Belgrave House for the ebook formatting and all the details of uploading to the various sites– yes, I’m still woefully ignorant on that score, but have learned a lot.

Then I got busy enjoying designing the cover. In another life I must have been an artist. In this one I am a hobbyist in graphic art design. I just love to play on Photoshop. What will that button do? How can I get that effect? Oh, my, look at that! I lose myself in the process in that magical way of a young child with crayons and paper. The cover project proved helpful in reminding me what it felt like to create freely. I have recaptured that creativity in my writing, too. That said, I would still have been editing the cover art, if not for a deadline for publication.

I’ll be posting more about Miracle On I-40 this week, and offer a giveaway for one of the hardback versions, too!

Let the happy Christmas season begin!


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