National Novel Writing Month Coming in November

I saw it just yesterday– November is National Novel Writing Month 2012. I haven’t missed it! Did I want to do it? Really?

Go over and take a look at the NaNoWriMo website. It is encouragement to write a novel in a month. The first (second, third, etc.) time I learned of this organization, I was overwhelmed. I had written over 30 novels, and none in less than 7 – 8 months. I’m just not a fast writer. I have to think, I have to mull, I have to dream, and procrastinate and fret and fume and fuss in the manner of every good perfectionist. One cannot do all that in a month.

Then look at my life. It is no wonder I’m not writing a novel. There is daily care of my grandson, dental visits, field trips (just did one–fabulous!), caring for my elderly mother and her doctor visits, refinishing the front door, running the household and keeping up with family and friends, and Thanksgiving, for mercy’s sake (whose idea to put NaNoWriMo in November, smack him/her!). All that in addition to getting my backlist Christmas book online (what fun!) and working on several more, and trying to blog. My word, that is only a partial listing, I make myself tired with it. I also see the need of a few changes.

Then my eye lit on the slogan for NaNoWriMo: “thirty days and nights of literary abandon.”

Literary abandon. Setting free-to-be comes to mind, and produces an attitude shift. The gift of a month to write daily on a novel–that story that keeps shimmering across my mind–each day, and in a spirit of fun. I can focus on process not product.

I do not have to write an entire novel in one month. I do not have to follow NaNoWriMo rules. I can make up my own. No pushing and shoving myself, but giving myself over to experimenting and enjoying writing with abandon. That is my one particular need– to be set free from perfectionism and thinking too much.

For a month let me practice enjoyment of writing and see what happens. For one month let me find for a few minutes each day the writer that I long to be. (She is a cute curly-haired female version of Ray Bradbury mixed with P.G. Wodehouse– hey, it’s a dream.)

Thirty days of writing with abandon. Worth exploring. Want to join me? Start your project, and see where you go. I think we’ll go further than we imagine.


PS: I am now rushing off to check my mother, feed the chickens, and see the dentist. I will be able to dream of writing during all of that.

10 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month Coming in November

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  2. CurtissAnn,
    You once mentioned to me about writing. Well, I have decided to take you up on your offer. This 30 day challange seems like as good a time as any to see what I can do. I thank you for your kind words of encouragement.



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  4. Coincidence… I think not. Thank you so much for writing about writing! I think this invitation will resonate deeply with many who stop here to read blogs. We probably all ruminate a story in the recesses of our minds. It does not have to b a novel. As you wisely suggest, we can make our own rules, using the one-month challenge as the kick off idea. Thanks again.


  5. What an wonderful concept! However, I can’t imagine doing a book from start to finish in one month. I like your idea of making your own rules, I could live with that. Maybe I should use this month to MAKE myself finish that book that I have been working on for months. You know, fitting in little bits of time in amongst the rest of my life. Try to make the book the priority this month. Thanks for the push…we’ll see how it goes!


      • I just had to share an update with you and let you know what a spark your challenge created. This is only day 3 of the month, I have cleaned up, fixed, edited and putzed with the first five chapters to the point that I can honestly set them aside and call therm finished! The only thing missing is the decorative parapraph seperators that I will insert later, all at one time. (when I take the time to find them!) I have 42 pages and 12,424 words. Ready to move on to the next 5 chapters. Thank you friend, for that little extra nudge!


  6. Girlfriend, I love this. My daughter did this last year and is going to do it again this year. This morning I had penned her a long note asking her why, SJ, why? Because last year when she’d done it she was so stressed and tired and frazzled throughout the month. She hasn’t answered back. I know that this semester, in particular, she has an even heavier load so I’m wondering what the draw is. I guess you have answered that for me!
    God bless, and enjoy! Somehow, you’ll figure out how to make it all happen! 🙂


  7. Great post! I definitely agree with you. It is nice to push yourself and write that story you always wanted to write, but never found the time between other other writing projects. This will be my seventh year doing NaNo and I’m still as excited for it as I was the very first year


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