The Radio, The Egg, and Writing

Discouraged, I had been wailing to Bigstreetrod: “Why aren’t we getting any eggs? Everyone is getting eggs. Why aren’t our chickens laying? What is wrong? Could it be their feed?” I tend to think everything is because I’m doing my own feed.

We researched and found conflicting advice. People said eggs would come in 19 weeks; people said it would take 5 to 8 months. Our chickens were nearing six months old, and nothing yet. I kept looking and looking in the laying boxes and under bushes, and returning to the house with the slumped shoulders of disappointment.

Then I remembered what I had been told about a radio in the coop. I had been assured by several sources with farm experience: “Keep a radio going in the coop and chickens will produce abundantly.”

Did you know you can no longer buy a small portable radio? I’m talking about one of those boxy kind with a handle so you can hang it up. It’s all iPods and such now. I was then wailing at how I could not find a simple radio. Bigstreetrod, likely wanting to shut me up, brought home a small clock radio. It fit perfectly on a board high up in the coop. I turned it face-out so that the chickens could not see the glowing red digital numbers. I was afraid it would drive them crazy trying to fly up and peck at it. I tuned it to a today’s Best country out of Mississippi, figuring chickens would prefer that type of music. The sound from that teeny-tiny speaker was an amazement.

That evening, when I let them out to roam the yard, I discovered that sometime in the hours after the radio installation, one of the dear girls had thrown the blue plastic egg from a laying box and deposited this small but beautiful jewel in its place!

The power of country music radio–a gluten-free, soy-free natural egg.

This all reminds me of my early years of writing novels. Back then, it was my habit to play music as I wrote. My favorite, very naturally, was country music. It helped to put me into the setting of my story. In fact, I’ve gotten a lot of themes for my novels from country music songs. Once I took the first chapter of a rough draft to a friend to read and give feedback. She said, very gently: “I’m sorry, but I found it just…boring.”

I came home and thought about it. I had been playing Don Williams ballads over and over. They soothed my soul, but likely did not help me to get conflict rolling. I changed to country music with a fast, swinging beat. The book picked up after that, and I’ve been careful of what I listen to while writing ever since.

The chickens can have their radio. These days when I work, I want quiet. Although when needing to lift my spirit while around the house, I will play music– more often than not these days I prefer Swing. Hmmm…likely that’s why the novel I’m currently planning is set in the late forties.

13 thoughts on “The Radio, The Egg, and Writing

  1. I own two of those little radios but no I did not know they were no longer available…thats awful… Great post! I am not getting rid of my radios. By the way it took forever for my first flock of chickens to lay their egg ….its beautiful!


  2. Okay, that is so funny my dear. We keep a light in there in winter, but I never heard of using a radio. Loved it. Enjoy that wonderful egg. I know I do mine.~~Dee


  3. Good Morning Dear Friend, What a joy to read about the much awaited egg, You probably want to gild it instead of eating it! As for the oldies, KZQZ 1430 am broadcasting from Belleville, IL does a live internet feed, so you can crank up your computer dear, and “remember when” !!! The best part is the old commercials, like Double Mint gum, and Ipana toothpaste, and clips from the old TV shows like Leave it to Beaver. Have a great day, enjoy the eggs, and God Bless you and yours!


    • Whoot! Thanks, Carolyn, for the info. Such stations give us great gifts! It’s like sifting out all the good stuff, and letting the bad drop through a hole. LOL! I remember, vaguely, going up to Belleville to a dance place. Wish I could remember what. Live bands played, ones that went on to get pretty big. xxxooo


      • During that time period the only place I ever went in Belleville, was to Panorama Bowling Alley,(close to the fairgrounds), in the basement they had the teen dances and rented it out for wedding receptions and such, one section had several pool tables and had good cheap pizza. our little foursome went there a couple of times, if you know what I mean! 😉 The bowling alley is still there, but just recently went under new ownership. It is now BelAir Bowl, which used to be on the west end of Belleville. Do you remember Bob Kuban and the In-Men, or Walter Scott and the Guys? They both made it real big. Bob Kuban is still around and playing for a much older generation now. (not us!) HaHaHa!!! Yes, there were some good memories, especially if you let the others fall through that hole! Love Ya!


        • Bob Kuban and the In-Men! That’s a name I was trying to recall! Boy, how the years have flown. Grandson asked me today: “Do you wish you were younger?” I said, “No!” He was surprised.

          Hugs, dear friend. CA


  4. Oh CurtissAnn, Daddy would have loved the radio thingie…I have never heard of that…So happy you are getting eggs…I say whatever works use it!!! I enjoyed this post so much…
    Hugs, MaryFrances


    • Thanks, cousin! I’ve been doing more reading, and I do feel certain your Daddy and Mama probably fed the chickens corn, milo, and table scraps. These girls are beautiful!


    • Enjoy that good ol’ rock and roll! 🙂 You know, there are not any radio stations that play the old stuff anymore, at least not around here. Everything is from the 80s forward. Young people have really discovered vintage, though.



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