Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in May

We are grateful for more normal amount of rain this year, but to me it still seems low. The lace-cap hydrangea are blooming, but my blue hydrangea have not bloomed at all. I have seriously neglected my grandmother’s rose bushes, and they dropped all their leaves to blackspot. I am pleased that all six gardenias planted in the past two years remain alive, giving some blooms.



Happy Returns

lace-cap hydrangea

The famous I-don’t-remember variety salvia

dwarf gardenia

Zephirine Drouhin antique climber has continued to bloom.

Ah, yes, the I-don’t-remember-hardy rose.

Early Girl tomato, yumm.

8 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in May

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  2. Is the pink rose ‘Belinda’s Dream’? Blooming here, too.

    I started over with the lace caps, so they ain’t much. Yet. I think Orange Daylilies and Blue Hydrangeas are just the best companions.


    • You know, you may be right about Belinda’s Dream. I remember when I got it that it was familiar, an old standard. That thing is like a Timex watch, just keeps on going spring into late fall. Thanks for the idea about the orange daylilies– I’m going to plant some over by my Blue Hydrangeas. They’ll look great.


    • I think those lace cap hydrangeas must be some sort of native. The people before me planted most of my yard, and with things that grow naturally here. The lace caps have spread all along that side area beneath the shade of a large pecan, all by their lonesome they do it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


    • I was just out there, spraying with Neem spray. New shoots all over her. She does that, goes into a hissy-fit, then recovers, just like me. 🙂 Had I given these few roses any care at all… the Zephirine this year is an amazing trooper. All in all, our garden area has made tremendous strides.

      xxxoooo R.


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