Wordless Wednesday

The story of me in one photo.
You really didn't think I could remain wordless, did you?

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I never see what the poster meant in wordless photos. Just give me a clue, people, any clue. Is there not a happy medium between no words at all and pages of drivel?

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have perfect eyesight, especially when looking for someone else’s vision.

    You nailed it in only 7 words.


    • Oh, Nell Jean, Amen! Is there, “not a happy medium between no words at all and pages of drivel?” I’m attempting to make my posts shorter, more concise. Only so much time!


  2. No, I totally understand why you had to add in the caption. I never can remain entirely wordless myself. That is why God gave us language.
    And I LOVE that this is you, in summary! I completely appreciate the photo! Happy Wednesday, Curtiss Ann!


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