Dream On

These days come. Halcyon days was the phrase favored by Rosamunde Pilcher in her novel, Winter Solstice. She repeated it in there more times than I imagine she meant to, enough that I laughed. (Even so, I have enjoyed the book enough to have read it twice, so highly recommend.)

I am experience some days of high mood, when all is right with my world. I know you have them, too. They out of the blue and for no seeming reason. There are still the challenges and frustrations and worries, some small and some quite large. Facts have not changed. It’s only that I’m not looking at them. I have convinced myself that I have enough inner strength at this time to meet any of the challenges.

Never give up, and never under any circumstances face the facts. ~Ruth Gordon, actress and author.

This sort of day is great for writing down dreams of things I want in my life. I did a detailed written picture yesterday in my journal, pretty much lassoing the moon. By the time I had to quit writing, I had dreamed up great abilities and success, piles of money to spend and giveaway, a wonderful housekeeper on par with Shirley Booth’s Hazel, an elderly wise gardener, and a new Lincoln. At the end, I wrote the sarcastic phrase: “Dream on.”

Today I recognize the good advice. Do Dream On. Dream the highest and best things you can imagine. Dreaming expands us with possibilities. Dreaming is living, if only for a space in time, unencumbered by facts and smack dab in the highest possibilities.

Starting Tuesday out right:
Thank you, Father God, for my ability to dream and imagine the very best in life. Thank you for every bit of my life. Thank you for the hard times that lead to the good times. It’s all good. Thank you mostly for today, which builds strength for tomorrow. Amen. So it is.

Celebrate your life and hear your spirit sing. ~Elisabeth L.

6 thoughts on “Dream On

  1. Why do I always feel inspired to dream and write when I have people coming for dinner, and I can’t take the time to linger in that favored world!? Lilly


    • Not unusual. Happens to me all the time. It is the perverseness of life. Best I know– Resistance. Read Steven Pressfield’s book, War of Art. Keep a notebook handy and capture thoughts if you can. And thanks for the opportunity to give myself tips! Now to follow them. 🙂


      • Thank you, so much for the suggestions. Was reading your ‘Writer’s Quotes’ section and Mr. Pressfield’s quotes actually jumped out at me this very morning. Will follow through! Thanks, again.


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