Deep Down Happiness

Yesterday, a lovely, relaxing Sunday, a requirement came up, a request for something done today. Of course I would do it, and this is how, and no problem. Things we plan to do tomorrow are always easily acceptable.

Then today came, and, “Ugh, I don’t want to do that. Don’t I have enough to do?” My pinched mind began to list all manner of reasons why I did not need to follow through: “After all, don’t let ‘shoulds’ rule my life. It can’t be of Spirit if I feel such dread. Don’t need to do things that cause resentment…and, the clincher: It’s not a big deal, and no one will know.”

What’s the phrase– little foxes spoil the vines?

In journalling, I came to the truth: Some things do need doing in order to be true to living my unique life. True to how I want to be and do. That’s it. Deep down I really wanted to do this obligation, and deep down doing it will make me happy. I asked God’s help to get this done.

Then, get this, really too funny, I open an email from a friend, and full square across my face comes this quote:

While we don’t want to become duty-bound and strap our entire lives with shoulds, there are times in any relationship – family, romantic, or friend – when a code of honor rules and we do what we must. ~Melody Beattie

So, starting Monday out right…
Dear God, today help me with choices of how I spend my time. Help me to choose those things that are mine to do, and that give me fulfillment. Amen. So it is.

Have a great day and great week, and when you need help doing those things you need to do and really will be happiest doing, ask God for help. For myself, I’ve got a list.

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