Starting Monday Out Right…

How is your week looking? Mine is filled with unusual demands not entirely of my own design. Dear husband just gave the warning: “Okay, Nana, the silence is going to be broken.” I offer myself and you quickly a prayer from a friend:

Dear God, today I will remember that whatever happens in my life I will be able to face it, deal with it, and learn from it, with your help.
And so it is.

I grab tea, confidence, and laughter, and pass that method on, too.

Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it. ~Agatha Christie

2 thoughts on “Starting Monday Out Right…

  1. Love the Agatha Christie quote! Since hubby returns to work today after a week of vacation, silence will return to my house. I can’t tell you how valuable that silence is first thing in the morning. There’s no way to get my thoughts together and start my day out right without an adequate amount of pure, unadulterated silence.
    Have a great week! Hugs from Texas.


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