Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

I am on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, USA, zone 8b. The recent cold burnt the star magnolia blossoms. We covered them one night when the temp dipped to an obscene level, but not the next. Do you know they have these bushes, magnolia stellata, I think, in England, too?

The summer snowflakes have started earlier than in past years. Such a wonderful mild winter we’ve had. I like it!

The azaleas are pitiful, but buds are still waiting on most of my bushes. I have seen some spectacular display on native azaleas in the woods.

Yes, a few lingering paperwhites in the middle of an azalea.

And the faithful sweet olive. Osmanthus fragrans, also called tea olive. Perhaps today, expected 75 degrees, the fragrance will delight.

Many thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! Pop over and enjoy yourself at a glimpse of blooms around the world.

6 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

  1. My Loebner magnolia has been putting out blossoms and getting nipped back for a few weeks now. The ugly burnt ones fall off and we start over. The same with daffodils and hyacinths — a good thing everything doesn’t burst out at once when we have warm spells.

    Love Tea Olive and remember the first time I smelled it after I moved to South GA. I chased that scent all over a lady’s yard until I found it. She let me have a little piece and at the next patient’s house the caregiver gave me the name.


  2. I am going to be brave and pop my head out the back door today and see if I have anything left in my poor garden from the horrible summer we had! I’m so jealous that you have pretty blooms already! Much love!


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