Starting Sunday out right…

Lord, let me love today. Let me cultivate love by thinking of it– what I dwell on grows. Let me trust that it is okay to love, that my love is enough, and it is safe to be happy with loving. I open my heart wide to receive all the gifts of love coming my way today. Thank you! Amen.

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  1. Just watched the noon news here in central Oklahoma and saw news about the tornadoes in Alabama (don’t know where they were exactly). Just concerned about you and yours.


    • Brenda– thanks for your kind thoughts. I only saw the films of the storm damage about noon here, too. We are fine– live in the southernmost part of the state, near the Gulf. The storms are in the far north, near Birmingham. Seems so strange, as I believe that part of the state is very hilly. And here we thought when we moved from OK, we would see no more tornados. There was one a mile from us in the spring!

      Keep safe. I understand OK has had high winds and is very dry. xxxooo CurtissAnn


      • Glad to hear that your area is okay, but feel for the folks up north of you. So far this winter has been pretty mild, unlike the two previous years. We are needing rain however, but we have some predicted tomorrow night and Wednesday. We’ll see.


    • Nola– Aren’t those narcissus a miracle? They sure worked a miracle, because I wanted them on my desk, so I had to clean it, ha, ha! Well, half of it anyway. 🙂 We have our windows open over here!


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