January Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The glory of the heirloom Christmas Cacti continue. This is the 34 year old plant, kept on the screen porch, but compulsively brought inside when temps dip toward freezing.

Paperwhites started so very early. I’ve been bringing in bouquets to enjoy. Makes the kitchen smell like spring.

Sweet olive, still. Amazing! And on the warm days, oh, how fragrant!

Winter this year on the Alabama Gulf Coast, zone 8b, is mild and beautiful.

Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens, who continues to host GBBD. I look forward to viewing what’s going on around the world.

4 thoughts on “January Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

  1. My paperwhites are just green strips blowing in the breeze right now, but it’s enough to excite me, knowing that in a few weeks the white blooms will start to burst forth and my house will be filled with their sweet scent!
    I’ve never smelled sweet olive blooms, you make me so curious as to what the scent is like. I’ll be on the lookout for them in the garden centers, I’m not sure if we grown them here in 8a.


  2. Hi I am new here. At least you have some blooms unlike most in the winter climes buried in deep snow. I didn’t know that olive blooms are fragrant. I haven’t seen any olive tree nor bloom yet. But i love the fruits, already in cans. haha!


  3. The very best of winter blooms! My Christmas cactus and paperwhites are done. Tea olive is always faithful and I forget to mention it in my posts. So far a much milder January than last year. I can stand when the freezes only last a couple of nights. .


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