Starting Monday Off Right

Starting Monday off right…

Dear God, today I choose to keep the attitude of faith– faith in good, that my life, and those of each of my loved ones, is unfolding as it should, and that all things work out for my good. All the wisdom I need will be provide at the right time today. Amen. So it is.

Today I’m off to find my husband’s Christmas gift (shush– a couple of tools this year!), something for my brothers and their families, and some craft glitter. I love glitter! I’m using bought Christmas cards and dressing them up with glitter. Easy and fun!

Enjoy your day, darlings,

5 thoughts on “Starting Monday Off Right

  1. Hi CurtissAnn,
    From my new home and I am excited to see I won a copy of your book.

    Thank you so much.

    the email came through on an old acct that I cannot send out on, so I’m using this to get in touch with you. My gmail address gets to me.


    • Sue– So glad you contacted me. I had sent a private email, but it must have gone to an old email address. I will put the book into the mail tomorrow. You will notice that I’m editing your message to delete your address here on the blog. It is not a safe idea to have your address open to whomever.

      Blessings, CurtissAnn


  2. Hope you find the perfect gift for the hubby. Shopping during the holidays is soooo stressful now days.
    So far all I’ve done for Christmas is to put up the tree (which the new kitty is undecorating as I speak) and pop in a Diana Krall Christmas cd!
    Blessings to you and yours the Christmas season and all through the year! Hugs…


  3. Love your creative plan to glitter up the store bought cards. Wish I had thought to do that, but I am still hoping to get mine (and mom’s) addressed. If I can do that before Christmas I will be happy girl!! No tree up yet, no decorating started, the kitchen counter is covered with baking supplies, waiting to be turned into lots of traditional cookies and old fashioned fruit cake. The clock is ticking……….. Have fun shopping today!


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