In Praise of E-Books

Chin Up, Honey -- from the Valentine Series, in Kindle

I was asked if any of my books are in e-book form. Yes! Whose aren’t these days? Well, my mother wanted Mila 18 by Leon Uris, and it is not yet in e-book, but no doubt soon.

Last night I glanced into my mother’s room and saw her reading on her Kindle. What a blessing this modern e-book is to her! My mother has lost most of her sight in one eye, and she also suffers from glaucoma and extreme dry eyes. All of this has made reading a regular book all but impossible; losing reading has been one of her great dreads. Thanks to e-book technology, which handles the glare and allows for enlarged text, my eighty-four year old mother is able to read again.

If Wishes Were Horses, and that's me and my filly, Baby Girl.

I have an iPad, and I thought I would read a lot of books on it. I have not, as yet paper books still are my favorite. But I do enjoy reading on it antique books long out of print and that I would not be able to get at all. Many of these are free! I also enjoy sampling books in order to decide if I want to purchase them. And with the iPad there is the added capability of reading in the dark so as to not bother the bed partner, as well as using the device to light your way to the bathroom. The charge lasts a long time, so if you’re stuck without electricity from a hurricane, you’ll have both reading and light for many hours.

Love in a Small Town, The Loves of Ruby Dee, and If Wishes Were Horses are all available from e-book publisher Belgrave House, in many formats on their site, as well as from Fictionwise. All of these books and Little Town, Great Big Life, Chin Up, Honey, and Cold Tea on a Hot Day are available Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook.

Hope you all are enjoying your reading.

Thoughts? Don't keep them to yourself. Love to hear!

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