Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–

We are in severe category of drought here on the Gulf Coast. You can see a map of drought in the US here. A map of global drought here.

We have the roses heavily mulched, have only watered twice. The blooms have kept coming, although they whither quickly in the heat. There’s certainly no black spot!

'Honey's Rose'-- my grandmother's heirloom cabbage rose bush.

The only stalk of crinum lily I've gotten this year, came before I watered the crinum bed, and withered quicker than ever.

I cannot recall what these are, but they are troopers. I planted them this year, and now no rain. Still, they settled in to all day sun, and they put forth delicate blooms.

These make me happy. Perfect color where they are in my courtyard garden.

I learn from these plants. Keep on doing what I know to do. No matter the heat, no matter how tough things get, keep blooming.

Dear Lord, the earth is Yours. You send the rain on the just and the unjust. Please send us rain, and rain on my dear friends in all the parched parts of this country. We ask, and we make ready to receive. Thank You. Amen. So it is.


My thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for beginning and continuing to host Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and thus prompt me to look more closely at the gifts of my gardens. You can find other participants and join in, too, by clicking here.

15 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–

  1. Hi, This is my 3rd year with crinum lilies, I got 3 kinds but only one has bloomed yet. but I like them all anyways…….and I liked yours too and your lilies. I hope to see you again in July. Thanks for inviting me into your garden.


  2. Wow! Thank you for the beautiful photos (a little slice of summer!) Our weather here in Oregon has been uncommonly cold (in the 60’s) for this time of year, but your photos warmed me right up!

    I miss you!


    • Thanks for stopping by, and giving me a chance to visit your blog, too! Your photographs are stunning, and inspiring. Just a beautiful blog. I attempted twice to leave comments, but Blogger would not take it. I have this difficulty with Blogger all the time, don’t know if it is possibly my computer. Still– waving.



  3. I’m jealous! Your crinums are lovely, mine just sit there, refusing to bloom. Maybe they are, like me, waiting for the rain. Put me and my garden on your rain prayer list, please.


  4. Lots of beautiful color in your gardens just now, despite the dry weather! I’ve always wished we could grow crinums here, but I don’t think they are hardy for our area… Enjoyed my visit! Larry


  5. Your photos are so lovely, my friend! You think you got drought – lord-a-goshen, girl, we got drooouuuggghhhtttt up here! And we’re looking at an entire week of temperatures over 100 with no end in sight…I long for Alabama breezes!


    • We Are having breeze, which is so unusual here. And, of course, we can be grateful for dry air, not the usual humid. LOL! A part of my problem, I’ve realized, is my expectations. I expected to leave drought behind in Oklahoma. Welllll…since moving here, we have progressive drought! You and your area are in my prayers for rain. I saw the horrific drought engulfing Texas on the Drought Monitor. It will rain. It always rains eventually!

      hugs, CurtissAnn


  6. Re: Watering Hydrangea, yes I water them everyday. I have about 9 of them now. My neighbor who roots them for me has over 70 in her gardens, very impressive show when hers bloom. Thanks for the return visit.


  7. Your blooms are so pretty. I read your about page, impressive to say the least. I was trying to find your location, I am in North Florida and we are in prayer mode for rain as well.


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