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This year for Lent I gave up my avid watching of television news. I had become addicted, and, yes, just like my dear late Big Mama, talking back to people on the television screen. I gave it up, whew! not going back. And I find anything of any import that I need to hear pops up in front of my face, usually told to me by my mother.

Just as I gave up something for Lent, I decided to employ taking up something after Easter. After all, I’ve been given new life, let me create some new life-giving habits. I’ve decided to commit to reading each week from blogs that educate and propel me as a writer.

Here is a list of three. I hope you find it helpful.

On writing craft:

Debbie has written some 30 books in the past 30 years, everything from romance to young adult to scifi-fantasy. Even better, her use of the English language is clear as well as beautiful. And even better yet, she is a professor of professional writing at Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma, where she teaches novel and short story writing. She blogs once a week on some area of fiction writing craft. Here she is, a teacher coming right into my own easy chair!

On being a writer; the struggles within:

If you have not heard of author Steven Pressfield, you are even more introverted than I am and require help. Google him. Read War of Art (I’ve read it and re-read it, being a slow learner), and then read his latest Do The Work, which is a free ebook down-loadable from Amazon. He will get you doing the work.

On books and the book business:

Ms. Jewell’s blog is to inform and promote independent booksellers of the South, along with writers and their books. She is delightful, fascinating, and inspiring.

Of course, these are by no means the only blogs I plan to visit, but they shall be a constant. And, in the interest of an effort to keep myself well-rounded (besides eating cookies), I’m going to pick some gardening and faith-filled living blogs, too. Stay tuned for my choices.


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Writing Blogs

  1. I gave up smoking for Lent. But after the Pacemaker was installed I felt so good I went out and bought a carton of cigarettes. Why? I’ve lived on the edge for seventy-seven years and being a non-smoker made me feel OLD.

    I enjoyed your stuff so I subscribed.


  2. I hear ya about watching the news! I try to “keep up” with the national news on the cable stations, but honestly…..they are all so slanted (extreme right or left) that I just go NUTS!! You can’t get an honest report (especially if it’s about a political issue) from any of them. I don’t want to bury my head either….so I just mainly listen to my local stations at noon and 6:00 p.m., where they aren’t screaming slanted spins to us … as much.

    Anyway, I am not a writer, but I love to read about the processes of writing. That’s one of the reasons why I loved you from the beginning.

    Thanks for sharing the links….I look forward to reading them.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend. L, Dana


    • Dana– Of course you are a writer; you write you great blog! And I hear you about the slanted opinions in the media. But it has always been so–illustrated in newspaper historical archives. I guess humans are given to it. Being a fiction writer has taught me to watch what are actual actions, not words. 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone; please excuse typos.


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